Dahle’s bill to protect victims’ rights passes Senate Public Safety Committee 

Yesterday, Senate Bill 1267 written by District 1 Senator Brian Dahle, received unanimous support and passed out of the Senate Public Safety Committee.

Senator Brian Dahle, right, and Placer County DA Morgan Gire.

In an effort to increase transparency and protect the rights of victims, Dahle introduced SB 1267. The measure would amend the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation notification requirements to provide relevant updates to victims of serious or violent crimes.

“I’d like to thank the chair and committee for moving this bill forward,” said Dahle. “Policymakers in California must do more to protect victims. Too often, they are left behind due to radical criminal justice reforms in our state. This critical measure will safeguard the rights of victims and establish a system that offers adequate protection for them. Community stakeholders and county advocates came out yesterday to support this measure, and their strong partnership made these advancements possible.”

CDCR 1707
CDCR 1707 form is a tool victims and their families can use to request proper notifications from CDCR regarding an offender under their jurisdiction. Soft-on-crime policies over the past decade have made several changes in post-conviction considerations which left gaps when and how victims are notified.

Additionally, victims in violent cases that resulted in life sentences prior to the form’s creation, haven’t been notified at all. This bill would opt those individuals in automatically.

“Traumatic experiences and exposure to violence can leave lifelong impacts on individuals and communities,” said Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire. “Health officials across the country have recognized the need for comprehensive approaches to addressing the impact of trauma on an individual and the community at large. When the unspeakable happens, the traumatic effects can create a ripple effect through generations. SB 1267 is an important step to help keep our community members who have experienced the trauma of victimization informed and on the path of healing.”

In 2008, California voters approved Proposition 9 (Marsy’s Law) which led to the creation of CDCR 1707 form, the first mandated victim notification process in our state.

SB 1267 now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee.