Department of Transportation says House Republicans proposals jeopardize transportation safety infrastructure across California

Congressional Republicans are holding the nation’s full faith and credit hostage in an effort to impose devastating cuts that would hurt rural communities, raise costs for hardworking families and set back economic growth, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Last week, House Republicans released their extreme proposal to hold our economy hostage in order to slash funding for programs the American people depend on in their everyday lives — including funding that’s vital for ensuring transportation safety and infrastructure in California. And they are demanding these cuts while separately advancing proposals to add more than $3 trillion to deficits through tax cuts and giveaways skewed to the wealthy and big corporations.

While the President’s Budget details a plan to make our communities safer and protect workers and consumers, House Republicans’ proposal to cut a broad range of critical programs in California by 22 percent:

  • Cut 380 rail safety inspections in California. At a time when train derailments are wreaking havoc on community safety, House Republicans’ proposal would lead to 380 fewer rail safety inspection days and 1,680 fewer miles of track inspected in California next year alone. Since the Norfolk Southern train derailment, bipartisan Senators have called for more rail inspections, not fewer.
  • Jeopardize air safety and increase airport security wait times. The proposal would shut down services at 20 contract air traffic control towers in California, likely also require shut down of additional federally staffed facilities and increase wait times at TSA security check points at large airports across the country by more than 2 hours. In addition to the devastating impacts these cuts have on priorities from education and veterans medical care, to public safety and food assistance, Congressional Republicans’ plan would also claw back funding designated for critical transportation programs that would cost the country vital resources:
  • Withhold vital transportation infrastructure funding. Under the House Republican proposal, California would stand to lose nearly $494 million in funding for transit and highway infrastructure projects all across the state.