Districts approve Long Valley Charter School charters

Long Valley Charter School is a nonprofit corporation that has operated charter schools in the local area for 19 years. Currently there have been two schools authorized by Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District: Long Valley Charter School serving the communities of Doyle and Portola and Long Valley Charter-Susanville serving the Susanville community. Recently, pending state legislation has threatened the continuing operation of the schools.

According to a statement from Sherri Morgan, executive director/ superintendent of Long Valley Charter Schools, “In an effort to secure the long-term prospects for each school and to comply with the intention of the pending rules, Long Valley Charter School approached each school district in which it was currently located and serving students.”

On May 28, Fort Sage Unified School District in Herlong approved the charter for Long Valley School.

“The district and the charter school community are excited with the new partnership and look forward to the opportunities to support each other,” Morgan said.

On June 19, the Susanville School District approved a charter petition for Thompson Peak Charter. This school will replace Long Valley Charter-Susanville.

“We are delighted that Susanville School District recognizes the value of an alternative program to serve the needs of all students in Susanville,” Morgan said.

Both schools will begin at the start of the school year.

Long Valley Charter School also has submitted a charter petition to Plumas Unified School District for the Portola Resource Center.

The process for a district to consider a charter school includes the submission of a “charter” document that outlines many elements of the school’s program, as dictated by the State’s education code. PUSD is holding a hearing on July 10 to learn more about the program and will vote on the petition Aug. 14.