Don’t let the tobacco industry control you any longer

It is no secret that the tobacco industry keeps making billions off their harmful products. We are seeing a rise in the use of nicotine products. These products are made to get people hooked. The industry finds ways to promote their deadly products. They use bright colors and pay businesses to have products placed near candy and snacks. The main way they get people addicted is by flavoring. Young kids are finding that the products taste like candy and other “yum” flavors. These products continue to cause harm to the health of users.  California has decided to fight back by adopting a law that bans flavored products. This law went into effect Dec. 21, 2022.  This is a huge step on protecting the health of so many.

People may not realize the harm in tobacco products. The new products use synthetic nicotine, and it is very dangerous. Did you know there is a vape pen that has 500 mg of nicotine? The CDC reports that only 50 mg is a deadly dose for an average adult. These numbers show the importance of retail policies and how it will help the health of users. This allows users to focus on quitting and getting their life back. It is time for the tobacco industry to stop the control of millions of people, and this is where it starts.

Quitting can be hard, but with the right help you can do it. The first step is wanting to quit. You must know that you are not alone on your journey. There are resources that are here to help you along the way. You have options like doctor prescribed medicine, help lines, and support from friends and family. Trust the process of your journey to quit. There may be a few hurdles along the way. Withdrawals are common but the result will be worth it.  Going on walks, doing art, having a garden or anything that can help keep your mind off nicotine use will help.

Another key to quit is finding what triggers your use. They can be anything from daily habits to life stress. For some it can be the sight and smell, and even the bright displays at the store. Your outlets can help you avoid your triggers. With a plan in place, it can help you achieve your goal of quitting that much easier. Don’t let the Tobacco Industry control you any longer. Visit the Smoke Free High Country website Smoke Free High Country, the California Health Collaborative or contact us on Facebook and Instagram @smokefreehighcountry.