Don’t miss the Back to School Immunization Fair

Lassen County’s Public Health Department hosts a Back to School Immunization Fair from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 24 at the Lassen County Public Health Department, 1445 Paul Bunyan Road, Suite B in Susanville.

The immunizations are available only to uninsured and Medi-Cal participants at low cost while supplies last at a cost of $13 or one child or $26 for two or more children. HPV and COVID-19 immunizations also are available. Appointments are highly recommended by calling (530) 251-8183.

A Health Fair is open to all — featuring. Popcorn, face painting, balloon animals and lots of fun games.

The Health Department staff offered answers to these questions from Lassen News.

What immunizations are offered?
COVID, DTP/aP, HepA, HepB, Hib, HPV, Men ACWY, MMR, PneumoConjugate, Polio and Varicella.

Aren’t some of these vaccinations required by law?
The California Department of Public Health gives recommendation on the vaccinations that school-aged children should have. The state mandates what vaccinations are necessary to attend public school.

What about the benefits/dangers of vaccinations?
The benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh the risk of getting the disease. There are possibilities of side effects, but they are rare and often minor. “CDC statistics demonstrate dramatic declines in vaccine-preventable diseases when compared with the pre-vaccine era,” according to the website.

The Health Fair open to all?
Is that just fun for the kids or are there information booths or other activities?

Immunizations are available for uninsured and Medi-Cal participants. Appointments are highly recommended – call (530) 251-8183. We encourage insured families to make appointments with their provider. All families are welcome to come join the fun at our mini health fair. There will be more than 10 information booths and activities— scooter boards, hula hoops, popcorn, infused water, face painting, balloon animals and lots of fun games.

What does the health fair hope to accomplish?
It is always the goal of Lassen County Public Health to help provide accessible vaccinations to all families.  Students who do not have certain vaccinations are not allowed to attend public school until they do. We are helping students get back to school. Having this Immunization Fair also helps lift the burden from our local providers, as well as providing a fun environment for the families.

Where can people find more information about vaccinations?
• Vaccine Safety- Answers to Parents at IMM-916.pdf (
Talking to Parents About Infant Vaccines and HPV Vaccines (
Immunize.orgwebsite, CDC.GOV.

For more information, call the Lassen County Health Department at 251-8183.