Doyle man faces multiple felony charges after Sunday standoff with law enforcement

Approximately 11:03 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 10, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received multiple 911 calls regarding an assault with a deadly weapon in Doyle.

The suspect was identified as 46-year-old Doyle resident David Garfield, Jr.  Garfield’s parents called 911 and reported he had armed himself with a baseball bat and was damaging their property. Deputies were dispatched to the call.

Dispatch received a second 911 call from a person who stated their neighbor was being chased by a male armed with a shotgun.

Dispatch received two additional 911 calls from neighbors reporting the same thing.  All three neighbors called back a short time later to report they had heard gunshots.

Three LCSO units arrived on scene as well as officers from the California Highway Patrol. Deputies were notified that Garfield had chased his parents with a shotgun and fired multiple shots. It was determined that Garfield and his parents live on the same property in different trailers. Garfield was behind a locked gate on the property. Deputies were able to make contact him from a distance.  He was ordered to surrender, but he refused.

Two members of the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Negotiations Team were on scene and began negotiating with Garfield.

Negotiations were good at times, bad at times, and the situation was not stable. Garfield threatened to fight law enforcement, and he admitted he had a shotgun inside of his trailer, which was located behind where he was communicating with the deputies.  Due to the situation being unstable, the LCSO SWAT Team was requested to respond.

SWAT deployed with their Armored Rescue Vehicle. Negotiations continued while SWAT was responding. SWAT arrived and staged down the road as they heard from on-scene deputies that negotiations were seemingly going well at the time. A short time later, deputies relayed that Garfiled was highly agitated and communication had broken down again. He was walking back and forth from his gate to his trailer. SWAT arrived on scene as negotiations continued.

As SWAT arrived, the LCSO Drone Team was on scene and deployed a drone into the air.  The Drone Team was able to communicate their observations with SWAT throughout the rest of the incident.

Garfield’s parents reported he had been up all-night drinking alcohol. Garfield was continuing to drink alcohol, while communicating with negotiators. CNT had been negotiating with him for approximately three hours at this point.  Garfield was unreasonable and it seemed unlikely he was going to surrender himself.

A tactical plan was made in attempt to get between David and his trailer where the shotgun was located. Before SWAT members could get in place, Garfield began running back to his trailer. Less-lethal munitions were fired, striking Garfield in the mid-section, which caused him to stumble. He was able to make it into the trailer, where he armed himself with the shotgun.

The ARV was moved up to the trailer to provide SWAT members cover and negotiations continued. Garfield refused to come out.  Diversionary devices were utilized to deploy CS aerosol gas canisters into the trailer. Negotiations continued.

Garfield was given ample opportunity to surrender without further incident, but he continued to refuse to exit the trailer. An additional deployment of CS aerosol gas canisters was introduced into the trailer, while utilizing diversionary devices. Negotiations continued.

After approximately 12 more minutes of negotiations, Garfield exited the trailer and was taken into custody without further incident. An ambulance had been staged in the area and immediately responded to treat Garfield for his injuries.

On scene, deputies located a 12-gauge shotgun, live 12-gauge shotgun shells and expended 12-gauge shotgun shells. Deputies also located evidence Garfield had shot the window out of his parent’s vehicle and vandalized their trailer with a baseball bat.

Garfield was treated at Banner Lassen Medical Center for his injuries and transported to the Lassen County Jail where he was booked on charges of two counts of assault with a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon (other than a firearm), felony vandalism, two counts of criminal threats, two counts of felony elder abuse, obstruction with violence and exhibiting a firearm in the presence of a peace officer.

The LCSO thanks the CHP for their quick response to assistance. The LCSO also thanked Doyle Fire Department and SEMSA ambulance service for standing by and ultimately responding to treat Garfield’s injuries.