Executive Director of Eagle Lake Village Sam Onyebuchi and assistant chef Jon Cornell deliver trays of food to Crossroads weekly. Onyebuchi had the vision for donating the excess meals when he noticed trays of nutritious food were being thrown away. Photo submitted

Eagle Lake Village supports Crossroads

Newly appointed Executive Director of Eagle Lake Village Sam Onyebuchi is focused on serving our community and bringing people together.

A recent project involved a clothing drive to benefit Crossroads.

The entire staff of Eagle Lake Village collected and delivered boxes of gently used clothing to Crossroads in March, but he didn’t stop there.

Onyebuchi realized that while providing an ample variety of foods to residents, there is often overage.

He recalls, “When I saw the good food our cooks had prepared being thrown away, it grieved me. We serve excellent high quality meals that are packed with nutrition, so I wondered who else could benefit from our excess?”

Upon learning of Crossroads’ endeavor to feed the hungry, he took action.
Three meals are prepared in bulk daily and unused items from each menu are immediately frozen to be delivered to the shelter every Friday.

Crossroads Executive Director Cheri Farrell shared, “It is such a joy to be working with the enthusiastic staff of Eagle Lake Village. I am impressed with their involvement in our community. They arrive with trays of nutritious food weekly which is a huge help.”