Enloe Health Donates an ambulance to Seneca Healthcare District

Seneca Healthcare District officially received a generous donation of an ambulance from Enloe Health at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 19.

Enloe Health assisted with preparing this ambulance for Seneca, including repainting the outside with a fresh coat of paint, completing required inspections and transferring the title. This ambulance will be utilized to aid in delivering emergency care throughout the Lake Almanor Basin.

“This ambulance has been generously donated from Enloe Health and is intended to be an additional resource to the Lake Almanor Basin EMS providers,” said Shawn McKenzie, CEO of Seneca Healthcare.

Judy Cline, CNO of Seneca Healthcare, expresses gratitude for the donation made by Enloe Health.

“We are grateful for and humbled by this donation from Enloe Health, not only will this ambulance prove to be a central part of care in the community, but the donation by Enloe Health also serves as a beacon of their support for Seneca Healthcare District,” Cline said.

About Seneca Healthcare District
Hospital and Walk-in Clinic, Seneca’s mission is to provide community members and visitors with outstanding healthcare services and quality care through dedicated and compassionate staff, providers, and innovative technology. Our commitment to the communities around us is to create an atmosphere that promotes wellness and healing.

About Enloe Health
Enloe Health is a proudly independent, nonprofit system offering an array of medical services. Our mission is to elevate the health of our communities. We strive to deliver exceptional health care experiences.