Fire department sets weed abatement deadline for June 24

Monday, June 24 is the official deadline for weed and fire abatement as determined by the Susanville Fire Department.

In preparation for wildland fire season and Independence Day, after the determined date any conditions that pose a hazard will be mitigated following Susanville Municipal Code Section 8.28, named Weed and Rubbish Abatement.

Occupants or property owners may be cited for failure to comply and may be charged for any fire suppression cost after June 24. The cost of abatement may include incidental expenses, including, but not limited to, the expenses and costs to the city in the inspection of lots, preparations of notices, specifications and contracts, and in inspecting work, the cost of printing and mailing required.

The amount is to be set by a resolution of the city council, per each occurrence of abatement.

Any person may pay the amount of such assessment for destruction of the rubbish and weeds before July 15.

If the assessment is not paid on or before the date, the total amount will be entered on the next county fiscal tax roll as a lien against the property and shall be subject to the same penalties and interest as are provided for other delinquent taxes or assessments of the city.

The city’s municipal code states “it is unlawful for the owner, agent, lessee or other person having charge or control of any piece of land within the city to allow weeds or rubbish to grow or to remain theron, or upon the street or sidewalk in front of such a piece or parcel of land.”

Any person violating any of the provisions of the code will be guilty of an infraction.

The code further states that at first, those in violation will receive a notice to remove from the fire chief. If within 10 days there is no compliance, the code declares, “the fire chief is authorized to pay from the city code enforcement abatement budget” for the destruction of the rubbish and weeds.

The fire chief and/or contracting agents from the city are expressly authorized to enter upon private property to destroy or remove rubbish and weeds.

Note: it is unlawful for any person to interfere, hinder or refuse to allow entry upon private property for such purposes.