Former city finance manager to return as retired annuitant

Although the former finance manager retired in December, the Susanville City Council approved a resolution authorizing Debi Savage’s return as a retired annuitant.

“The past Finance Manager, Debi Savage, retired on Dec. 31. Since that time, we have entered into a contractual agreement with MuniTemps. However, with the lack of staffing in the finance department, coupled with the institutional knowledge possessed with the past finance manager, there is a need to continue to utilize her skills on an interim basis,” read the packet agenda item.

“PERS allows exemptions for waiting periods for retired annuitants based on certain exemptions. In the city’s case, we have flown a managerial position resulting in no qualified applicants, in two cycles. Based on such we have contracted with a financial firm, however they do not fill the gap of workload needed in both the finance manager position and finance department,” the report continued.

According to the resolution, the retired finance manager can return in a limited capacity, not to exceed 20 hours per week with a specific end date of July 1, 2021. The fiscal impact is about $600 a week, according to the agenda item.

Councilmember Kevin Stafford questioned why the city was spending more money after entering into a contract with MuniTemps.

“I appreciate your concern. I really do,” City Administrator/ Chief of Police Kevin Jones said.

We are going to be losing our payroll specialist, Jones said, clarifying they are going on leave for a bit. “We’re going to have to have help.”

Jones continued the city is going to continue maximizing the off-site services from MuniTemps, but said costs for on-site work was too much.