Glen Yonan Candidate’s statement

Glen Yonan and family.

My name is Glen Yonan, and I am running for Susanville City Council. In my 33 years here I have seen many changes in the place we call our home. I moved here in June of 1989. I had lived in many places and never saw anything like our town. The people were friendly and welcoming. The weather between March and October —  perfect temperatures and no humidity — made up for the other months when I didn’t care for the weather. The people also took great pride in the appearance of our community. The first thing we need to do is find ways to make Main Street and our neighborhoods look better. I remember that when I moved here, the cleanliness of the town and the well-groomed yards in most neighborhoods impressed me and was one of the most things mentioned when friends and family would come visit.

I have worked at Lassen College my entire time here. I have held many different positions including assistant baseball coach, head baseball coach, head volleyball coach, head softball coach, athletic director, camp coordinator, division chair and now as Director of Athletic Operations. I have many friends at the college and some that do not care for me. But both will tell you that my work ethic is off the chart. Constantly pushing for improvements in my department, sometimes risking popularity in doing so. I wasn’t getting a check every month to be popular. I served my department well and you can count on me to give the same effort with the same attitude if you honor me with your vote.

 I consider myself a coach. But my most important job is my job as a father. My wife Sherri and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this June. We have two children Natalie (27) and Sam (24). They graduated from Lassen High School and from college. I owe this town, our fire and law enforcement agencies for allowing my kids to grow up in such a beautiful and safe place. I have tried to pay my debt of gratitude through several annual community events that I created and ran through the Lassen Athletic Department — events such as Back the Badge where we buy, cook and serve dinner to our law enforcement agencies and their families and then honor them at a game; the Veteran’s Day Breakfast where we buy, cook and serve breakfast to our veterans and their families; and Little League Baseball and Susanville Softball Appreciation Day.

We have honored many local heroes at games for their contribution to our community. These include Ron Jarrell, Dean Growdon, Kevin Jones, Fire Chief James Moore, Tom St. Jacques, Sophia Wages, John Deal, Tony Esparza, Bob Genasci and many more. I have also been instrumental in running the Susanville Slowpitch Softball League, served on the Little League Board and led the charge to change field name at Memorial Ballpark to Frank Ernaga Field.

I will work for the people of Susanville with the same tenacity, thoroughness and success. I have conservative values which I think reflects the majority of our community. I will work to make our community look better and then market it effectively for the “gem” that it is.

Upon the passing of Measure P, I will aggressively urge that our fire and law enforcements agencies get a huge chunk to continue to keep us safe. I am against any legal commercial and illegal grow of marijuana in our community. I will also encourage the city to work with the college to expand its trades programs t

o keep our young adults here, for those choosing a trade instead of a four-year degree.

My name is Glen Yonan, and your vote for me will help get more done by the council by removing personality conflicts that seem to halt our progress. Our problems are real, but I will not attempt to make you scared in order to get your vote or create fear in you for your vote. And I will not lead scared or with fear but with hard work, an open mind and great determination.

 Glen Yonan