Grizzlies give their all against Foothill

Following the explosive wins by all three of the Grizzly football teams against Enterprise on Friday Sept. 7, they were looking to take that same momentum into their games against Foothill Friday, Sept. 14. The Grizzlies unfortunately could not overtake Foothill in the same manner, and lost all three games to Foothill.

The score for freshman was 35-0, J.V. score was 26-8, and varsity, losing by a slim margin, scored at 31-28.
The varsity team came into their game against Foothill with a strong offense and defense to keep the advantage through the first half. Bringing the score to 21-3 by the end of the second quarter, Grizzlies in the lead with a solid defense against Foothill. Foothill was only able to put three points up by field goal.

Lassen’s defense held strong through the first two quarters, but Foothill began to close in on Lassen’s lead bringing it to 21-18, with the Grizzlies holding on to the lead going into the final quarter.

The fourth quarter brought a close game for the varsity Grizzlies. Foothill scored a touchdown early in the quarter. The Grizzlies followed with a touchdown and successful extra point. Intensifying the tension with a score of 28-25, Lassen squeezing by Foothill.

Four minutes left in the last quarter, Foothill inched out their last touchdown against the Grizzlies bringing the final score 31-28.

Varsity played a great game, with Hayden Chittock passing for more than 300 yards, Chandler Monahan with a couple huge catches and again their defense was a big wall against Foothill’s offense.
Grizzly football will be in Corning on Friday, Sept. 28.