Grizzly golf finishes third on home course

The Lassen High School boys’ golf team invited multiple schools to Diamond Mountain Golf Course Thursday, April 11.

The conditions were cold, cloudy and breezy, which made for an interesting day for the young players on the course.

The Grizzlies took third in the Thursday meet, with U-Prep taking first, and West Valley finishing in second.

Central Valley took fourth place, while Anderson finished in fifth.
The Grizzlies, though taking third, did well with the conditions of the course and the competition they faced.

Tyler Eidson led the Grizzlies with a final stroke count of 38 on the front nine, and 41 on the back nine, for a total of 79.

William Beterbide recorded 47 on the front and tallying 51 strokes on the back nine totaling 98.

Trevor Hahn finished with a 45 on the front nine, and a 54 on the back recording a final stroke count of 99. Kaiden Andrews tallied a 54 on the front nine, and 49 strokes on the back nine with a final count of 103.

Derek Beckman, recorded 52 strokes on the front and back nine recording 104 total strokes.

Ryan Delcarlo finished last on the team with 59 strokes on the front nine and 52 on the back totaling a final count of 111.

The team as a whole finished with 236 strokes on the front nine, and 245 on the back nine.

While U-Prep in first finished with a final count of 208 in the front and 197 strokes in the back nine West Valley finished with a final stroke count of 228 in the front nine, with 221 in back nine.

The Grizzlies are in third place in league, standing behind first place U-Prep, and second place West Valley, there are two more meets with one on Tuesday, April 23, and the final being Thursday, April 25 at Tucker Oaks Golf Course in Anderson.