Halloween – will the real trick or treat be Nov. 8?  

Halloween is coming but the real trick or treat may be Nov. 8, the mid-term election. Nov. 8 may feel more like Halloween this year than the traditional October date.

Who knows what will happen. Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania all have Senate races that could tilt the balance of Congressional power depending on who is elected. All three races are going down to the wire. In probably each state it will most likely be the next day before a winner is determined — if not longer.

The 2022 midterm election is shaping up to be one for the history books. According to a new analysis from pollster Echelon Insights, an estimated 125.6 million Americans are expected to turn out in November’s midterm contests. Such a figure would shatter the record set in 2018’s midterms, which saw 53.4 percent of the eligible voting-age population cast their ballots, according to the Census Bureau.

Already voters are starting to come out in full force. As of Tuesday, Oct. 18, at least 2.8 million people already cast their ballots in the midterms, according to the United States Elections Project. That includes the more than 131,000 Georgia voters who cast their ballots early on the first day of early voting on Monday, Oct. 17, handily beating the previous first-day record for a midterm of 72,000, per state election official Gabriel Sterling.

Issues are driving Americans to the polls. Pewresearch.org found the following to be priority concerns of registered Americans. The numbers with each issue represent a percent of primary concern of those surveyed

Economy, 79; Healthcare, 68; Supreme Court appointments, 64; Coronavirus outbreak, 62; Violent crime, 59; Foreign policy, 57; Gun policy, 55, Race and ethnic inequality, 52; Immigration, 52; Economic inequality; 49, Climate change, 42; and Abortion 40.  Of course, you could conduct a poll in your community and the level of interest on any of these issues would probably be in a slightly different order. In almost every scenario the economy and inflation are paramount with voters.

Inflation has knocked on every American’s door and has not been satisfied by a treat. Inflation at the rate of 8.2 percent, has been one hungry monster that has devoured American paychecks and pushed seniors back into the workforce. Available part time jobs are now being sought by seniors who need the money.

A recent poll shows a dead heat between Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Republican candidate Adam Laxalt in the Nevada Senate race. In Pennsylvania, it’s Lt. Governor John Fetterman and R. Mehmet Oz who are now very close. In Georgia the Senate race has Raphael Warnock leading Herschel Walker but the Governor race between Governor Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams remains close according to a Quinnipiac University Georgia poll.

Save some of your leftover Halloween candy for Nov. 8. Have a bowl of popcorn for a real evening of trick or treat.