House bill to reform Electoral Count Act supported by small businesses

A bipartisan bill in the U.S. House has been filed by Representatives Liz Cheney and Zoe Lofgren to reform the Electoral Count Act.  The below statement is from the Frank Knapp Jr., Director of Business for Democracy. Business for Democracy is a campaign of the American Sustainable Business Network.  The campaign has established Business for Democracy collaboratives in eight states to raise the voice of small businesses in advocating for protecting democracy.

“Small businesses support reforming the Electoral Count Act along the lines of the bipartisan Senate Electoral Count Reform Act of 2022 and the reform bill just filed by Representatives Liz Cheney and Zoe Lofgren,” Knapp said. “The chaos of Jan. 6 was largely due to anti-democracy proponents trying to manipulate this vague and outdated 1887 law in order to deny the will of the voters in choosing who they wanted for president and vice president. Such reform is critically needed to be enacted this year not only to preserve our democracy but also to protect our vibrant entrepreneurial economy, which dies under autocracy.”