Sports mod racers Bob Feller, left, and Craig Nieman hit a drifting error around the first corner of the track on June 16. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Hulk racer shares passion, race results are in

The Diamond Mountain Speedway race season held the last June race on June 16 with fans overflowing in the stands.

The June 16 races saw plenty of drifting cars and amazing finishes, and it was the first in Diamond Mountain Speedway history to see one truck tow two cars stuck together.

While people across the country may not recall the night of June 16 as anything more than a Friday evening, the Lassen County racing fans will always remember it

Larry McCracken takes another turn around the track while children throughout the stands cheer for the Hulk to finish first. Photo by Ashley Grogan

for the roaring engines and many cheers heard from the grandstands.

One racer, Larry McCracken, lives for such nights of adrenaline.

McCracken, well-known in the racing community as the man behind the wheel of the Hulk modified car, has been racing for 11 years.

McCracken was born and raised in Susanville, so exposure to the sport of racing wasn’t difficult to find.

As a child, McCracken was always eager to race. The long-lasting love of the sport helped to inspire the theme of his vehicle.

He said, “I enjoyed watching it as a kid, looking up to older drivers. That’s why I am very kid-oriented with our Hulk-themed car.”

When he started racing, McCracken raced in a hobby stock. After a year, he tried racing in the modified division. Once he got a taste for the modified life, he wasn’t interested in giving it up.

Throughout his racing career, McCracken has raced at several tracks. In California, he has raced in Quincy, Yreka, Marysville, Chico and Antioch. He has also raced in Nevada cities Fernley and Fallon. In Oregon, McCracken has raced in Medford.

Looking at the 2017 season specifically, McCracken said his main goal is to have fun. He is hoping to acquire a track championship.

According to McCracken, “So far this year, we are doing the best we ever have. I’m really learning the car and getting better each race.”

When asked about tonight’s Fourth of July races, McCracken said he is most looking forward to a clean race and hopefully a victory for his fans, sponsors and family.

Catch McCracken and many other Diamond Mountain Speedway racers at the grandstands tonight, prior to the Independence Day firework show.

Racers Nathan Howard, front, and Ian Upton are towed together after colliding and causing their stock cars to be stuck together on June 16. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The results of the June 16 races are as followed:


Modified division:

1. Galen Hainline, No. 11h, 40 points; 2. Chris Nieman, No. 3, 39 points; 3. Scott Foreman, No. 4f, 38 points; 4. Nevin Kennemore, No. 23k, 37 points; 5. Matt Murphy, No. 6m, 36 points; 6. Larry McCracken, No. 06, 35 points; 7. Joe Blackwell, No. 221, 34 points; 8. David Sciarroni, No. s25, 33 points; 9. Tyler Patske, No. 9p, 32 points.

10. Jeff Chew, No. 8x, 31 points; 11. Steve Boucher, No. 177, 30 points.


Sports mod division:

1. Craig Nieman, No. 7n, 33 points; 2. Jason Emmot, No. 9, 32 points; 3. Bob Feller, No. 2b, 31 points.


Stock division:

Heat races

1. Nathan Howard, No. 81, 3 points; 1. Richard Longacre, No. 07, 3 points; 2. Jim Erle, No. 22, 2 points; 2. Ian Upton, No. 77, 2 points; 3. Shayna Robertson, No. 7n, 1 point; 3. Steven Cain, No. 2, 1 point.


Main event

1. Howard, 40 points; 2. Longacre, 39 points; 3. Erle, 38 points; 4. Robertson, 37 points; 5. Joe Marlow, No. 00, 36 points; 6. Cain, 35 points; 7. Colby Russell, No. 42, 34 points; 8. Larry Foster, No. 34, 33 points; 9. Ray Talavera Sr., No. 4, 32 points.

10. Upton, 31 points.


Mini division:

Heat races

1. Cody Kennemore, No. 50, 3 points; 1. Matt Canada, No. 9, 3 points; 2. Tom Davis, No. 75, 2 points; 2. Colton Chew, No. 11x, 2 points; 3. Larry Whitebird, No. 97, 1 point; 3. Billy Gibson, No. 121, 1 point.


Main event

1. Davis, 40 points; 2. Cody Kennemore, 39 points; 3. Whitebird, 38 points; 4. Kate Robertson, No. 7, 37 points; 5. Chew, 36 points; 6. Raymond Talavera Jr., No. 23r, 35 points; 7. Gibson, 34 points; 8. Gabriella Lewis, No. 123, 33 points; 9. Wade Kennemore, No. 25, 32 points.

10. Ryan Belli, No. 63, 31 points; 11. Canada, 30 points.