Humane Society offers feline spay neuter vouchers

As the result of a successful year of fundraising, the Lassen Humane Society is thanking the community with free spays or neuters for your feline friends, while supplies last.
Only 125 vouchers will be given out to Lassen County residents and when they’re gone, they’re gone. There is no set limit of vouchers per household but they must be obtained, via phone call, once appointments are made with a local veterinarian.

The free spay and neuter begins immediately and runs through either the end of March or when all 125 cats have been fixed, at which time LHS said the program would be evaluated and a decision will be made as to whether the program will continue.

Pet owners must contact the veterinary office of their choice for an appointment and costs and then provide that information to the LHS by phone at 257-4555.

Upon by-phone confirmation, LHS will confirm with the vet and give the vet’s office a voucher number.

Appointments can be made at Taylor Veterinary Hospital in Susanville at 257-9310; Thompson Peak Veterinarian Clinic in Janesville at 253-3190; Lassen Veterinary Hospital in Susanville at 257-6311; Nelson Veterinary Services in Chester at 258-7264 and the Chester Veterinary Clinic in Chester at 258-4242.

In keeping with its mission, LHS is supplying the free vouchers in lieu of their current discount voucher to reduce the unwanted litters of kittens in the coming months.

The discount vouchers began as a way for LHS to assist pet owners who cannot otherwise afford to pay the procedure’s full cost. They’re available for both domestic and feral cats and if residents currently have an LHS discount voucher for an upcoming procedure, they can call to trade for the free one.

If looking to get a feral cat spayed or neutered, LHS noted that no appointment is necessary at the Thompson Peak Veterinarian Clinic, just a phone call can be made during regular business hours to their office upon bringing in the cat.

If bringing in a feral cat to any veterinarian, know it’s required to be brought to a vet’s office in a trap/cage rather than carriers usually reserved for pets.

Also, if interested in bringing your feline in for the procedure, know that the voucher does not cover any other shots, tests or the cost of euthanasia if recommended by the veterinarian. The owner must pay overages or extras and no funds will be paid to an owner.

The vouchers, like other services provided by LHS, are not available to for-profit breeders.