I am not laughing

In times past, a comedian could walk on stage and make an audience roar with laughter. With that said I would like to list a few things that I am currently not laughing at.

The deliberate destruction of our American republic. The methodical indoctrination of Marxism in schools. The attempt by many politicians to do away with the working, tax paying, middle class. The corrupted judges, lawyers, supervisors and city councils across the nation.

The lack of indictments for intentional lawbreakers and authorities who stand down. The heinous mandates and quarantines that killed millions of people in the last two years worldwide. The left for dead, un-attended children at our “friendly borders” The pathetic choice to terminate full term, partial birth and full-term babies on demand.

The venues that invite “drag queens” who expose themselves to little kids and ignorant librarians who promote illicit porn books in K-8 classrooms as a curriculum for education. The people who want to steal your freedom of speech and right to bear arms. I am also not laughing at Antifa, the real fascists in America. The Black Lives Matters thugs who along with Antifa, that are supported by mayors of cities who allow the burning down of businesses, ransacking homes and harassing the locals who don’t agree with their egregious behavior.

The governors who call their states a safe place to go when the complete opposite is true. The abuse of animals such as the 4,000 beagles rescued from Dr. Yuk aka Mr. Fauci’s research labs.

I could list a hundred more things that are not funny. But what is the most disturbing are the factions of people who go along with the double standard just about everywhere you go. What is good for me, is not good for thee. Humanity’s “do as you please” masses make this world a less safe place to live than ever before.

Young people kicking an invalid, or and elderly person to death in broad daylight is becoming all too common. Although according to an elicit group of world leaders, we are progressing towards enlightenment.

So, if you think the destruction of America is hilarious and for the group of unenlightened individuals who sit around all day and communicate ways to destroy our blood, sweat and tears right to be a free nation — then perhaps you may very well be the only ones left in the room laughing.

Jacqui Henry