I was a fourth generation Republican, and I had to give up

As I write this, we have a totally dysfunctional Congressional House that has shut down our government.  These Republicans are supposed to represent us but cannot even represent themselves.  Republicans used to be the party of less government and more individual rights but that has all changed.  They want to control women’s rights to their bodies, discriminate against gays and take away your parental rights.

Our U.S. Representative LaMalfa has a bill before Congress (H.R.4070) that says it will be a crime punishable by 5 years in prison to perform gender transition or prescribe drugs for gender transition to anyone under 18. I did not know LaMalfa was a medical professional. You are the parent and want to do whatever you can do to solve this problem, but LaMalfa and the government will make this decision for you or put you in jail.

The AMA opposes the dangerous intrusion of government into the practice of medicine and the criminalization of health care decision-making. Perhaps the Republicans will ban vasectomies. They want to ban other forms of birth control and that is a perfect thing to move onto.  They control women’s rights, why not men?

Now to the national debt, how did we get into this mess? You can research national debt by each president. Why is it always the Republicans who raise it the most? Historians say Reagan was the beginning of the end. Like Bush and Trump, they all promised to eliminate the debt and Reagan raised it 186 percent while in office. He closed all the hospitals for people with mental problems and created a massive homeless problem that is costing us a fortune.

George W. Bush raised the debt 101 percent, Trump raised the debt 40 percent. From what I could find, Biden has raised the debt about 9 percent.

Republicans do not keep their promises, they lie to us to get elected. The deficit increased because Republicans have rigged the tax code so that big corporations and the wealthy can avoid paying their fair share.

We wonder why America is having problems. I think it is all about ethics. We have a Supreme Court with six Catholics making decisions on abortion. If they voted pro-choice women’s rights, they would condemn themselves to hell. I guess taking “bribes” they do not disclose is not a “hell offense.”

We have LaMalfa who sits on the House committee that writes the farm bill. LaMalfa was the highest earner of taxpayer farm subsidies in Congress, collecting $5.2 million from 1995 to 2013. Does he recuse himself as a conflict of interest? No way. He can vote to make himself richer every year.

Lobbyists give Congress $4 billion a year (called legal bribes). We are no longer a government “of, for and by the people.” We are controlled by special interests. There is no way we will ever be able to vote on term limits for Congress or limit lobbyists. It’s all about the money. The longer they are in Congress, the richer they get.  Gallup has Congress’ approval rating at 21 percent.  If they were working for a major corporation, they would all be fired.

No matter who you vote for, research them for their honesty, ethics, protecting our individual rights and keeping religion out of legislation.

When you vote, research the person. Are they truthful, ethical and respect our rights? That is not a lot to ask.