It’s all about the money

A supreme sanctuary state is what Mr. Newsom and his constituents are dreaming of.  Someday Sacramento will (sarcastically) be the nation’s capital, the leader in technocratic entrepreneurs.  Why then are people fleeing California?

Avoiding accountability and refusing to answer is trending like never before.  Let’s not forget Gavin’s French Laundry quote:  “I should of modeled better behavior, I am only human,”  after being busted in one of his 23 businesses for not wearing his mask during the deadly Wuhan flu in which the entire state was mandated to so.

What amazes me are California’s lax laws on corporate crime.  Your governor protected PGE, a major campaign donor, after the company was proven to cause deadly fires.  The federal criminal probation ended for PG&E Jan. 6, 2021.  I highly suggest folks watch a scathingly accurate documentary put out in 2021 by ABC10 titled Fire, Power, Money, in which a $200 million fine was waived to help keep PG&E solvent and helped them exit bankruptcy.  It will change your perspective on who prince charming and his lawyers vividly are.

It’s all about money.  The O’Jays lyrics, “For the love of money people will steal from their mother, rob their own brother, people will lie, they will cheat, people don’t care who they hurt or beat.”

Is everyone a cheater, thief, or a liar when it comes to money? Probably not, but seemingly big government openly operating in their political monopolies are.

Mr. Newsom’s high-minded assurance that our billions of tax dollars and donations will keep him in charge of everything that happens in our once beautiful state is repugnant, and his leadership continues to methodically degrade California into a wasteland.  Our livelihood and supply chains are being mysteriously burned to the ground, stalled off shore or micromanaged by activists.  Food, necessities, fuel and medical information are all falling under their own category of endangered due to the never-ending demi-god “climate change” diatribes.

Supposedly when everything is screwed up, it’s always a result of an over-populated planet or the melting ice caps in Antarctica. There is so much accurate scientific truth out there being blocked and deliberately denied as false.

Lawlessness, oppression, and false compassion is at full throttle and the loftiness of Newsom and his political advisors is beyond arrogance.  We are now witnessing Newsom’s two-tier society and most young adults, who support everything but the U.S. Constitution, are being misled by him and this generation of dictators.

Your tax money in concert with Planned Parenthood, uses Newsom’s latest bill making California a sanctuary state for terminating a baby’s life up to 28 days after birth and his Jesus billboards is not a choice, it’s infanticide!

Cartels, white collar crime and needless abortions all spell death and disaster to me.  As long as California has don Newsom is in charge, we will continue to pay the wages.  I ask myself way too often, “who is going to stop it.”

Jacqui Henry