Jan. 6 Committee hearings

The hearings are important so we can understand who started them and how they started. If the former president was involved in the planning or instigation of the assault on the Capitol he should be held accountable. The assault should not be forgotten nor should the hearings be discontinued. What I don’t understand is why certain lawmakers want another side explored? What other side? That what we saw with our eyes was simply a tourist expedition? That creating the Big Lie and trying to stay in power (like third world countries) is acceptable?

Some lawmakers want the public to forget Jan. 6 because they don’t want the truth to come out. They want power by any means and gaslighting and lying is acceptable. Remember the former president started the Big Lie because he could not handle losing — and so many people fell for this lie. I want to live in a country where ethics and honesty and fair elections are respected and desired. Remember the saying that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it?

We do not want another Jan. 6; we do not want another big lie; we do not want to become a banana republic — or do we?

J. Harris, Stockton, California