A small dose of fentanyl can take a life.

Jones commends law enforcement for major fentanyl bust 

Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones  issued the following statement in response to the felony arrest of a fentanyl drug trafficker and seizure of 720,000 fentanyl pills in Alpine, located in Jones’s district.

“Today’s seizure of 720,000 fentanyl pills (158.5 pounds) is a monumental victory for public safety. By removing these lethal substances from our streets, law enforcement prevented immeasurable tragedy and undoubtedly saved thousands of lives,” said Leader Jones. “Given that it only takes 2 grams of fentanyl to kill the average American, the magnitude of today’s seizure underscores the gravity of the threat we face.

“I express my utmost appreciation and unwavering support for the immense dedication, bravery and heroism displayed by our law enforcement officers and agencies during today’s monumental fentanyl bust in Alpine. This operation was extremely dangerous. Their tireless and fearless commitment to protecting our communities from the scourge of illicit drugs is truly commendable,” Jones emphasized.

Jones has been at the forefront of the fight against the fentanyl crisis. Last year, he secured $1 million for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to investigate criminal organizations involved in the distribution of illicit fentanyl, disrupting their operations, and securing criminal convictions. Additionally, Jones coauthored Alexandra’s Law last year as Senate Bill 44, a measure unfortunately killed by Democrat members of the Senate Public Safety Committee. He remains committed to Alexandra’s Law and is coauthoring it again this year as Senate Bill 21.