Jones says city will follow the law regarding citizen’s Public Records Act request

Kevin Jones, the city of Susanville’s interim city administrator, said the city will follow the law in responding to a California Public Records Act request filed by Chris Cole seeking information about how much money the city of Susanville has spent on the case of two fired Susanville police officers.

Here’s a copy of Chris Cole’s California Public Records Act request submitted to the city nearly a month ago. Graphic submitted

Jones said he’s responded to many PRA requests during his lengthy career as a law enforcement officer. He said he assumed responsibility as the interim city administrator May 12, and the city will respond to Cole’s request according to the state law.

According to California Government Code Section 6256, a public agency must respond to a PRA request within 10 days. Cole reports he first requested information from the city April 15, and when he didn’t receive a response, he submitted the request again April 29 with assistance from Susanville City Councilmember Brian Moore.

Cole said Moore told him the city had received his request and was discussing what information could be released with its attorneys.

Cole’s request included: “1. All legal expenses incurred by the city from outside and in-house legal services billed regarding the termination and litigation of former Susanville Police Department officers Sergeant Mike Bollinger and Lieutenant Matt Wood from the beginning of the events to today’s date, 04/15/2020. 2. All expenses or services billed to the city by the private investigator in the investigation of the hiring of the former Chief of Police John King. 3. All available and/or public documents on the aforementioned investigation which you are able to provide.”

Cole told the newspaper he still has not received a response from the city as of Thursday, May 21.