June is Men’s Health Month

The California Health Collaborative wants to help men quit using smokeless tobacco. Men use smokeless tobacco at 14 times the rate of women. Men also visit health care providers 25 percent less than women. Together this is a deadly combination. Men lost to oral cancers leave loving spouses, children and friends behind. However, this does not have to be the case.

Smokeless tobacco was long marketed as a product for tough, red-blooded, freedom-loving men. This marketing is why men in rural areas use smokeless tobacco at double the rate of urban men. However, those same values that were exploited can be harnessed to help rural men quit.

A tough man does what it takes to make sure he will be around for family and friends. A red-blooded man is not afraid to fight through a difficult change. Finally, a freedom-loving man refuses to be a slave to any addiction.

Give Kick It California a call for men’s health month or refer the men you know. Kick It California councilors help people put together quit plans. The plans include only the steps and resources that are most effective to help people stay quit. Next, the counselors follow up with people quitting, at times when they most need additional support.

To get free quit support from Kick It California call (800) 300- 8086 or text Quit Smoking to 66819.