Hannah Wallace evades the advances of a Modoc Brave while trying to enter the key and take a shot at home Dec. 21. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Grizz basketball proves more courageous than Braves

The Modoc Braves were clearly not prepared for the mighty Lady Grizz basketball team when they dared enter the cave on Dec. 21.

Lassen High School hosted the Modoc basketball teams to a set of games to end the year on a proper note. The varsity Lady Grizzlies took the opportunity to completely destroy the Braves with a final score of 59-37.

After Ellie Stewart won the tip off, Lassen was granted an immediate advantage, one that the Braves were not pleased about; thus, when Stewart regained possession of the ball and attempted to shoot, one Modoc player couldn’t resist fouling the Grizzly. Stewart was granted two good free throws and made both with 7:53 on the clock.

Shelby Anderson shouts out a call while taking on a Modoc player at home Dec. 21. Photo by Ashley Grogan

A minute later, Dani Nevis sunk a three-pointer to bring in the Grizzlies to a five-point three, but the Braves were eager to retaliate.

Modoc scored two baskets by the time the clock hit 5:30, but Lainey Nevis countered with a layup in the next 30 seconds.

The Bravs then exchanged punches with Lassen as one Modoc basket was made prior to Maddie Hampton stealing and scoring a two-point field goal. Then another Brave basket made it into the net before Shelby Anderson sunk a basket.

Though the Grizzlies had a firm grasp on the lead with an 11-8 score on the board with three minutes remaining of quarter one, the Braves were determined to claim the lead as their own.

In the final two and a half minutes, Modoc sunk four baskets to bring themselves on top of a 16-11 lead. With one second left, Stewart scored a final basket for the Grizzlies, but the quarter wasn’t saved; the score starting the second quarter was 16-11, Modoc.

Hampton started quarter two with a basket for Lassen, and another two good free throw from Stewart brought the score to a manageable 16-15 Modoc lead.

Feeling threatened, the Braves managed two good free throws with just less than eight minutes on the board, and they followed with a basket at 5:59.

Dani Nevis brought the Grizzlies back into the game with a basket at 5:02 and Stewart followed closely behind to hit a rebound with 4:14 remaining of the half.

Modoc raised their lead to 22-19 by following Stewart’s rebound with a layup, but Dani Nevis kept the goal within reach with a pair of good free throws at 3:21.

Modoc hit three good free throws of their own prior to hitting the final two minutes, but teamwork from Ava Steele and Anderson granted Lassen the lead as Steele shot a rebound with 1:48 on the clock and Anderson sunk a three-pointer with 48 seconds remaining.

However, though the two Grizzlies worked together to grant Lassen the 26-25 lead, a last-minute set of two good free throws by Modoc ended the half with a 27-26 Modoc score.

Clearly tired of the nonsense seen thus far on the court, the Grizzly girls kicked it into gear an unleashed their inner beasts.

Dani Nevis shoots and scores a three-pointer during the first half of the varsity girls’ basketball game against Modoc. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Hampton started quarter three with a three-pointer eight seconds in. Stewart followed with a rebound 30 seconds later.

Modoc attempted to squeeze in their opinion with a free throw at 6:55, but Stewart shut them down with a free throw of her own at 6:21.

Jamie Larson hit two baskets back to back during the third minute of the half and Stewart followed with a free throw soon after.

Modoc hit another basket to bring their quarter point gain tally to three, but Dani Nevis diminished the accomplishment with a basket at 3:19.

Becky Struthers followed with a basket after the quarter entered its final three minutes and Hampton finished it off with a basket to bring the Grizzlies up to the top 42-30.

Quarter four didn’t look any better for the visiting Braves as Hampton started off by stealing the ball and making a layup.

Modoc then countered with a basket at 7:22, but a layup by Stewart 10 seconds later established a 14-point lead once more.

Hampton hit another basket with less than seven minutes remaining of the game and followed her own achievement with a three-pointer.

At 3:40, the Braves came back into action with a free throw, but a three-pointer at 3:21 by Anderson kept the spotlight on Lassen.

Modoc managed two more baskets before the game’s end. Lassen managed the same: A two-point field goal shot by Larson and a three-pointer made by Hampton.

The final score was 59-37, Lassen.

After taking on Modoc, the Grizzlies traveled to Spanish Springs Jan. 2 for the first game of 2018. Lassen lost the game 52-43 after playing four close quarters against the Spanish Springs Cougars.