LaMalfa applauds Supreme Court ruling on water

Congressman Doug LaMalfa applauded the unanimous Supreme Court ruling in Sackett vs. EPA that rightly interpreted Congress’s clear language in the 1972 Clean Water Act.

LaMalfa had led an effort with members of the House and Senate to send a “friend of the court” brief reinforcing this interpretation of the definition of waters of the United States.  Under the new ruling, the EPA and federal government will be significantly restricted from claiming nearly limitless power by regulating land as though almost every inch of soil is somehow connected to every drop of water.  Today’s ruling eliminates the federal government’s ability to control any land with puddles, ditches, stock ponds, vernal pools, drainages and any water feature that does not have a “continuous surface connection” to a navigable water.

“This is a huge win for landowners and farmers,” LaMalfa said. “The Supreme Court rightly interpreted the clear language of the Clean Water Act, returning power from the bureaucrats at EPA to Congress to create laws constitutionally. Executive rule making doesn’t get to reinterpret Congress’s clear text to invent rules so they can unilaterally control land and people. I am happy the Supreme Court continues to look to the plain text of laws rather than the creative whims of bureaucrats. It’s a shame that Americans must go to court to restrain the whims of big government.”