LaMalfa applauds wildland fire suppression contract award to Chico company

Today Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced his support for the awarding of a $140 million United States Forest Service Indefinite-Delivery contract to the Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression, Inc. This contract award was part of several made throughout the country for Type 2 Initial Attack qualified wildland firefighter crews. The contract period is for five years from Feb. 8, 2022 through Feb. 7, 2027 and is not to exceed $140 million.

“I applaud the hard work of the Firestorm crew and their dedication to the forestry industry,” said LaMalfa. “Type 2 wildland firefighters are essential in wildland fire management and are at the forefront of dangerous conditions to build fire lines across backcountry terrain with hand tools and chainsaws. They are a leader in emergency services and forest management in the Butte County area. I look forward to seeing more of their good work in our area.”

“Firestorm is thrilled with the new award of the Type II Initial Attack Handcrew Contract,” said Leah Wills, co-Owner of Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression. “Over the next five years this contract will allow us to develop and train 600 new professional firefighters within our organization and 5,000 nationally. Our firefighters will be a part of Initial Attack Wildland firefighting crews that will be available for fighting wildland fires throughout the state and nation. In addition, if utilized properly by state and federal agencies, our crews will be a critical asset with the capacity and skills to perform thousands of acres of critical forest health projects in our national forests and around our local communities. Firestorm has been contracting and providing wildland hand crews for the federal government for more than 25 years. These new awards will allow us to continue to be a substantial employer in the state of California and provide hundreds of jobs annually.”