LaMalfa, California Republican Congressional Delegation oppose gas tax increase

Congressman Doug LaMalfa and the entire California Republican congressional delegation sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom opposing the impending gas tax increase of 8 percent on July 1, 2023. The lawmakers also called on the governor to extend the partial diesel sales tax exemption, which is set to expire this September. LaMalfa also joined a similar effort to suspend the gas tax last year, when Californians were paying around $6 per gallon.

In the letter, the members highlight the already high cost of living in California and the potential for gas tax increases to contribute to the troubling trend of people leaving the state in droves.

“Starting July 1, Californians will be paying $1.26 per gallon of gas just in taxes and fees,” said LaMalfa. “California already has the second highest state gas tax in the nation, and the average price of gas in California is $1.28 higher than the national average. California Republican lawmakers have tried to stop this senselessness time and time again, but it appears that Governor Newsom wants our state to become as unaffordable as possible.”