LaMalfa holds informational briefing on dangers of experimental gender reassignment treatment on minors 

On June 5, Congressman Doug LaMalfa held an informational briefing on the dangers of gender reassignment treatment on minors. Jennifer Bauwens, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Family Studies at Family Research Council, and Quintin Van Meter, MD, pediatric endocrinologist and former President of the American College of Pediatricians, highlighted the dangers and barbaric nature of gender assignment surgeries. The lawmakers also heard harrowing firsthand accounts of these procedures from Chloe Cole and Walt Heyer, two activists who were influenced into undergoing these procedures at young ages before detransitioning and publicly opposing these surgeries being pushed onto children.

“Across the country, vulnerable children are being exposed to the explicit promotion of radical gender transition and pressured into going through invasive and irreversible medical procedures,” said LaMalfa. “My colleagues and I were horrified to hear from those who have lived through this abuse firsthand and shared their stories with us. My heart is with every child who feels helpless and is taught to believe that changing their gender is their only hope. We cannot let them fall victim to a predatory gender transition industry. Lawmakers must stand with caring parents and protect children. We must explicitly outlaw this barbaric gender transition ‘treatment,’ and end coercion from medical providers and school employees. This is abuse, and it’s our duty to put a stop to it.”

Last month, Congressman LaMalfa introduced two bills to end federally funded and minor gender surgeries.

Here’s what the experts are saying:
“What is being referred to as ‘gender-affirming’ care is in direct opposition to our knowledge regarding development, and our understanding of good research and treatment,” said Jennifer Bauwens, Ph.D, Director of the Center for Family Studies. “Compared to other psychological disorders found in the DSM V-TR, gender dysphoria is currently being treated with the most invasive interventions connected to a psychological issue.  There is also clear evidence that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgical procedures can cause permanent physiological damage and psychological harm.  Children in America must be protected from misdiagnosis and scientifically unsupported, and potentially irreversible interventions that will impact the rest of their lives. These bills introduced by LaMalfa and Senator Marshall will accomplish just that.”

“Sex changes’ are impossible — no person can ultimately change his or her biology,” said Terry Schilling, President, American Principles Project. “The industry that has exploded around performing gender ‘transitions’ is fundamentally exploitative, pushing vulnerable, distressed people into dangerous, experimental drug regimens and surgeries with life-altering consequences. This medical malpractice should not be funded with taxpayer dollars, and it certainly should not be allowed on children. We applaud LaMalfa for his continued leadership in the effort to end this scandal and protect kids from this misconduct. And we urge all members of Congress to support this legislation. More than a dozen states have already taken action to crack down on this predatory industry; it’s time for Washington to do the same.”

“Both our religion and biology teach us that male and female are permanently distinct from conception,” said Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, President of the Coalition for Jewish Values. “No surgery or drug will alter the genetic determination found in every cell of our bodies. So not only do these procedures require informed consent that a minor cannot provide, but as they are both merely cosmetic and objectively harmful, it is inappropriate to expect American taxpayers to finance them.”

“We must stop the insanity of gender mutilation surgery on our children and the federal government’s funding of such surgeries,” said Edward Bartlett, President of SAVE.  “Both bills, the Protecting Children from Experimentation Act and the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act, are a step in the right direction.”

“This year, American children received roughly 45,000 puberty blocker prescriptions and nearly a thousand mastectomies and genital surgeries.” said Congressman Jim Banks, Chair of the Anti-woke Caucus. “These procedures often cause sterility, their long-term effects on minors are unknown and there’s no evidence they improve mental health outcomes. Far-left gender ideology created a medical malpractice epidemic that has claimed tens of thousands of victims. I’d like to thank LaMalfa for his work to protect minors and taxpayers from these experimental and costly procedures.”

“The radical left is trying to impose gender ideology and normalize young children undergoing gender transition procedures, rather than accept biology,” said Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, Chair of the Protect Kids Caucus. “Our laws should protect innocent kids, not subject them to these harmful procedures that often cause irreversible physical and emotional harm. On behalf of the Protect Kids Caucus, I am proud to support these critical pieces of legislation to protect children from this ideology and ensure Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars never fund this dangerous practice.”