Congressman Doug LaMalfa. File photo

LaMalfa, House vote to strike down California dictating the vehicles Americans can drive 

Congressman Doug LaMalfa  voted in favor of H.R. 1435 to strike down California’s electric vehicle mandate.

H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act, amends federal law to block attempts by California and other far-left state governments to eliminate the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines options. By banning the sale of combustion engines in 2035, California would use its status as one of the largest automobile markets in the country to make automakers remove combustion engines from their vehicles. This would not only eliminate consumer choice, but it would also impose additional costs on all consumers and put people in jeopardy as the electric grid faces additional strains.

H.R. 1435 will ensure that no state is able to arbitrarily limit the choices that Americans have when selecting the vehicle that best meet their needs and those of their businesses. This bill would also restrict the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing any waivers that would ban the sale or use of new motor vehicles with internal combustion engines.

“California regularly faces rolling power blackouts in the summer and has shown that it can’t meet the electric energy needs of the residents who willingly purchase EVs,” LaMalfa said. “Their green agenda is unaffordable, illogical, and is harming everyday Californians. One state should not be able to impose their misguided policies on the rest of the nation – especially as California has faced a mass exodus of people fleeing these oppressive policies to red-states with sensible energy priorities. H.R. 1435 will make sure that Congress and the American people, not California’s Democrat-state majority, are in the driver’s seat when it comes to our nation’s energy policy and car choices.”