LaMalfa joins Trump in Sacramento; applauds president for action on California wildfires

Congressman Doug LaMalfa issued the following statement after U.S. President Donald Trump, Cslifornia Governor Gavin Newsom, Cal Fire officials and other stakeholders hosted a roundtable to discuss the ongoing fires in Northern California, and honored the California National Guard for their brave efforts to save stranded citizens.

“Throughout numerous disasters, President Trump has been highly supportive of helping Californians recover,” LaMalfa said. “His administration has delivered everything we’ve asked of them to help Camp and Carr Fire recoveries, repair the Oroville Dam Spillway and is helping with the current fires. President Trump has issued several Major Disaster Declarations, authorized Fire Management Assistance Grants, and listened firsthand to Cal Fire, elected officials and first responders about the severity of our situation.

“To break the cycle of continued catastrophic fires, we must get back into the forests and reduce the fuel load. I encourage the president to push the Forest Service to massively increase the pace and scale of forest management across the West. Decades of mismanagement in our federal forests is the largest contributing factor to the destruction we have seen in recent years. For 40 years we have not properly managed the forests and now our rural areas are paying the price again. First, we lost the mills, jobs and prosperity, and now we are being victimized by these out of control fires. It started with destroying our economy, and now forest mismanagement policies are literally killing people and destroying homes. The struggles we face today are a direct result of poor government policy. I look forward to the Trump administration’s continued partnership in fixing these issues by promoting healthy, well-managed forests. His visit today signals that the federal response to wildfire is, and will remain, a top priority of his administration.”