LaMalfa ranked No. 3 in number of congressional speeches

Last week, C-SPAN released a report tallying up which U.S. House members spoke the most days on the floor in 2023. This year, Congressman Doug LaMalfaranked third in the number of days he formally addressed his colleagues on the House floor, with a total of 77 days. He ranked behind Rep. Glenn Thompson who came in first at 85 days, and Rep. Buddy Carter who came in second with 83 days.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa at Jensen Hall earlier this year.

In the 117th Congress, LaMalfa ranked fourth out of the entire U.S. House of Representatives, and in the 116th Congress he ranked third. Many of Congressman LaMalfa’s speeches can be found on his YouTube channel.

“I look at these as opportunities to reach other members, staff, the bureaucracy, and most importantly, the American public,” LaMalfa said. “It’s important to convey what we face with water, energy and many of our rural issues. A chance to reach people in this no-cost venue is one I work to utilize extensively. This year, I have been vocal about many issues impacting Northern California, including protecting water rights, improving forest management, and speaking out against the Biden and Newsom Administrations’ misguided attempts at electric vehicle mandates and funding of the billion-dollar “high speed” rail boondoggle. It’s my responsibility to speak up for the North State in Washington, D.C., and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.”