LaMalfa supports United States Postal Service reform

Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted in support of H.R. 3076 – The Postal Service Reform Act. Americans and small businesses around the country, whether in rural regions or cities, rely on the Postal Service for their mail, packages, medicine, newspapers, and more. The provisions included in the Postal Service Reform Act are critical to helping the Postal Service become financially viable and ensure it provides the high quality of service Americans expect and deserve. Reforms include permanent six-day delivery of all products, increases in ground transportation, elimination of steps in the delivery process where mail could be lost or delayed and a new package tracking system to ensure reliable delivery of packages.

LaMalfa made the following statement after the vote: “Reforming the USPS will be a great benefit to rural Americans across the country. This bill adds a ‘Non-Postal Services’ Category, which increases reach of services for rural areas on behalf of other federal agencies, such as passport applications and providing check-in services to the elderly. The bill also helps promote small businesses by allowing special rates for rural newspapers to increase the number of non-subscribers in their counties they can send their publication to in a calendar year.”