LaMalfa votes for review bill after FAA system failure

Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted in support of H.R. 346, the NOTAM Improvement Act of 2023, to enhance aviation safety by improving the safety notification system for pilots.

The bipartisan NOTAM Improvement Act was reintroduced in the House following the Jan. 11 system crash which led to the first nationwide ground stop since the Sept. 11terror attacks, disrupting 11,000 flights throughout the nation. The bill passed the House twice by voice votes in the 116th and 117th Congresses but failed to advance out of the Senate.

“Every flight in the nation being grounded due to a system failure is unacceptable and reveals an urgent need to review and improve FAA’s systems,” LaMalfa said. “Tens of thousands of people could have been put in harm’s way, and the Secretary of Transportation’s response was to shrug it off. As a Member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, it is our duty to keep our nation’s air traffic moving. In addition to figuring out how to make our air space safer for pilots and passengers alike, we are going to mandate increased oversight of the FAA to prevent similar problems from happening in the future.”