LaMalfa votes to authorize impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden

Today, Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted to formally authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. H. Res. 918 will allow the committees of jurisdiction – Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and Means – to continue gathering evidence through former-Speaker McCarthy’s ongoing inquiry and eventually conclude whether sufficient grounds for impeachment exists.

Despite a plethora of evidence having already been uncovered, the Biden Administration is stonewalling any movement forward and challenging House subpoenas, claiming that Speaker McCarthy’s impeachment probe wasn’t Congressionally authorized.

This resolution does not include articles of impeachment against the president.

“The impeachment process was made a mockery by the Democrat attempts twice against President Trump,” LaMalfa said. “It should not be used lightly but with very serious deliberation. Something is definitely off in the Biden family household, and the mounting evidence against the president and his involvement in his family’s shady dealings cannot be ignored. This vote authorizes a formal inquiry and removes legal uncertainty so that we can uncover additional potential evidence of wrongdoing. The American people deserve the full truth.”

Since January 2023, House Republicans have obtained and reviewed thousands of pages of financial record, correspondence, and witness testimony. Here are the current accusations against the president, courtesy of House Speaker Mike Johnson:

  • From 2014 to 2019, Biden family members and their affiliate companies received more than $15 million from foreign companies and foreign nationals in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and China. Biden business associates received an additional $9 million.
  • There are at least 22 examples of Joe Biden speaking with or meeting with Hunter Biden’s foreign business associates.
  • President Biden and the White House have lied multiple times about his involvement in his family’s business schemes.
  • Last week, investigators released information showing payments to Joe Biden from Hunter Biden’s business account, which was funded by payments from China.
  • Investigators also released an interim report detailing the special treatment Hunter Biden received from Joe Biden’s Justice Department.
  • A credible FBI source relayed information about an alleged bribe Joe Biden accepted during his time as vice president.