LaMalfa votes to end COVID national emergency

This week, Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted to end the Presidentially declared National Emergency and the Public Health Emergency relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. LaMalfa was an original cosponsor of both pieces of legislation.

H.J. Res 7 calls for the termination of the National Emergency first declared by President Donald Trump in March 2020 and extended twice by the Biden Administration, revoking the emergency powers granted to the President. H.R. 382, The Pandemic is Over Act, revokes the Public Health Emergency declared by the Department of Health and Human Services in March of 2020 and extended 12 times since then. The Biden Administration has used the Public Health Emergency to issue vaccine and mask mandates and has also attempted to cancel student loan debt.

“The president himself said the pandemic is over in September last year, yet at the same time the Department of Justice continues trying to force mask mandates on planes and trains,” LaMalfa said. “Enough with this pandemic fear mongering, with unconstitutional vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, illegal student loan cancelation, with unnecessary emergency powers. The science has proven that masks don’t work, and the vaccines have dangerous side effects that weren’t disclosed to the public. It’s time to bring back freedom for the people to choose for themselves.”