Lassen Cares announces unreported deaths: 9 active COVID-19 cases, 1,997 recovered

Two duplicate cases and previously unreported deaths are the cause for the difference in Lassen County’s COVID-19 numbers Wednesday.
“There were two duplicates and five deaths that were unreported from other jurisdictions, which shows the difference in numbers,” Lassen Cares wrote above its Wednesday update. The number of reported deaths increased from 17 to 22.
As of the 8:15 p.m. March 3 update, there are 9 active COVID-19 community cases, 1,997 recovered, there are no current hospitalizations and there have been 22 deaths: A total of 2,028 community cases.
There have been 2,240 vaccines administered, not including doses from Banner Lassen Medical Center or CDCR.

At the local correctional institutions, Lassen Cares reports there are 10 active cases, 2,014 recovered and two deaths at High Desert State Prison. Additionally, there are 28 active cases and 1,296 recovered cases at CCC, and no active and 245 recovered at FCI Herlong.

Positive correctional staff tests, if they live in Lassen County, are included in the community cases. As of the March 3 update, according to the CDCR COVID-19 tracker, at CCC there are currently 5 active staff cases, and 11 active staff cases at HDSP.

Locally, there have been 15,153 tests administered, with 13,104 returning negative and 21 pending.