Lassen County Grand Jury releases annual report

The Lassen County Grand Jury has released its 2019-2020 Final Report. Those serving on the jury include Cody Waltman, foreperson, Kurt Bonham, foreperson pro tem, Jesse Claypool, alternate foreperson pro-tem (and a returning member of the 2018-2019 grand jury), Wilma Kominek, secretary, Brian Blickenstaff, financial officer, Christi Choo, James Fannon, Theresa Fannon, Terry Johnson (a returning member of the 2018-2019 grand jury). Heather McKenzie-York, Tom Neely, Katherine Paulson, Judith Kane Rogers, Jeremy Smallin, Linda Tiffin, Cherilyn Tinston-Gore and Kam Vento.

The grand jury is a constitutionally mandated judicial body charged to investigate civil matters, but not criminal matters. The grand jury’s responsibilities include investigating issues regarding city and county government as well as public agencies funded by the government and issuing reports and recommendations when appropriate.

The grand jury investigated parks within the city of Susanville; the Standish-Litchfield Fire Protection District; the Susanville Fire Department, the California Correctional Center Fire Department, Cal Fire and the Office of Emergency Services; detention facilities; and responses to last year’s report.

Lassennews will report on the grand jury’s findings and recommendations and the responses to last year’s report in stories posted later this week.