Lassen County’s struggle to reopen makes the Huffington Post

Lassen County, according to the Huffington Post, “one of the first places in the state to reopen in early May,” made news on May 28 in the local and international news outlet.

The story, by Lydia O’Connor, reported the county also became “the first to reverse course because of a resulting coronavirus outbreak.”

While the county received state approval to expand its reopening, when the county discovered five confirmed COVIS-19 cases, Dr. Kenneth Korver issued another order and took the county back a step in its re-opening process, a development that prompted the Huffington Post story.

But the next day, May 29, Korver reversed course and terminated his order to scale back the re-opening, citing the results of his contact tracing investigations, the Huffington Post reported.

The Huffington Post also reported California District 1 Senator Brian Dahle, a Bieber farmer and former Lassen County Supervisor, said, “We’re not like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Let’s get back to cooler heads. Let the people free.”