Lassen National Forest temporarily closes road as hazardous trees are removed

The Lassen National Forest Road No. 29N43 will be temporarily closed.

The LNF is implementing Forest Order No. 06-21-01 (29N43 Road Closure) for public health and safety purposes. The portion of Forest Road No. 29N43 is located within the Eagle Lake Ranger District within the Diamond Mountains. During this Closure Order, the LNF staff and timber sale contractors will be removing hazard trees due to the aftermath of last year’s Sheep Fire and logging timber. This Forest Order is effective from April 16 through April 30.

The specific Closure of No. 29N43 is from its intersection with the Forest Service property boundary on Township 29 North Range 12 East Section 6, continuing south to its junction with the southern border of section 5 in Township 29 North Range 12 East.

“This closure mitigates the potential of roadside hazards due to falling trees and logging equipment,” said Deb Bumpus, Forest Supervisor, LNF. Through this effort, it ensures the safety of both the public and the LNF staff.”

According to 36 CFR 261.50(e), the following persons are exempt from this Order:
• Persons with a permit from the Forest Service specifically authorizing the otherwise prohibited act or omission.
• Persons with a contract from the Forest Service authorizing work on the closed road are exempt from the prohibition listed above to the extent authorized by the contract.
• Any Federal, State, or local officer or member of an organized rescue or fire fighting force in the performance of an official duty.