Those who received awards, pictured left to right, are Ray Solis of Lassen County Fire Officers Association, Gary Robinson of Cal Fire Lassen Modoc Unit, Jennifer Sommerfield of Lassen County Probation Department, Scott Jones of the Susanville Police Department, Charles Hewitt of Lassen County Sheriff’s Department, Dawn Hershberger of California Correctional Center, Brittany Alkire of High Desert State Prison and Jeff Schwagerl of California Highway Patrol. Also honored at the event were Ryan Ruano of the Lassen County Sheriff’s Department and Bruce Rummel of the Susanville Fire Department, who were unable to attend the event.

Law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders honored

Chief Deputy Warden of CCC Georgia Johas-Darnell, left, presented Dawn Hershberger, right, with her award.

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, the community gathered at the Veterans Memorial Hall to honor the men and women who serve our community as firefighters and law enforcement officers.

Various branches of law enforcement and fire agencies honored their top employees for the year.

The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign War put on the event.

“We do quite a bit to give back to the community,” said Veterans of Foreign War Commander Jim Dandois, “and this is kind of nice, especially with this day and age, being able to recognize those in blue and our first responders.”

Multiple agencies presented their top employee of the year, many of which were voted by their peers.

The employees received a plaque and the presenter gave a speech about their dedication to their job and the community.

Lane Caldwell, assistant fire chief for Cal Fire Lassen Modoc Unit, said first responders, whether they be law enforcement or fire, selflessly put themselves in harm’s way daily to ensure the health, safety and protection of the community.

“We want to thank the veterans groups for making this night possible and giving us the opportunity to honor our officers, firefighters and first responders,” said Sheriff Dean Growdon. “It’s pretty rare that we get that opportunity.”

Jennifer Sommerfield of Lassen County Probation Department, left, received her award from Chief Probation Officer Jennifer Branning, right.

Ten awards were presented during the evening to the following:

Lassen County Sheriff’s Department for Correctional Officer of the Year: Charles Hewitt.

Lassen County Sheriff’s Department for Deputy Sheriff of the Year: Ryan Ruano.

Lassen County Probation Department: Jennifer Sommerfield.

California Correctional Center: Dawn Hershberger.

High Desert State Prison: Brittany Alkire.

Susanville Fire Department: Bruce Rummel.

Lassen County Fire Officers Association: Ray Solis.

Susanville Police Department: Scott Jones.

Cal Fire Lassen Modoc Unit: Gary Robinson.

California Highway Patrol: Jeff Schwagerl.

“With everything that’s been happening in our country lately, I’m sure glad I live in a community like this that appreciates all of you,” said Dandois.

After the ceremony refreshments and dessert were enjoyed, which were provided by the Ladies Auxiliary.

Assistant Fire Chief of the Cal Fire Lassen Modoc Unit, Lane Caldwell, right, presented Fire Captain Gary Robinson, left, with his award.