Leadership problem in the city

Regarding the Susanville City Council meeting last evening — it was quite obvious to anyone in attendance or watching the video of the proceedings that there is a serious problem of leadership in our city.

During the open comments from the citizens of Susanville, our mayor Quincy McCourt took it to himself to interrupt the open comment period to scold and demean the people who had spoken because they have problems with the direction the city is going and the projects the city is attempting to push through.

In the scolding that all Susanville residents received, he stated that he did not like ‘labels.’ Then he proceeded to reference his disdain for ‘keyboard warriors’ that further insulted the public if they used social media.

Then he stated in his tantrum that he hated politics. I think that has occurred because he has discovered he is unfit for the responsibility to serve on the city council, or to work at the will of the people he is supposed to represent first. Before his own personal agenda.

His condescending attitude towards his constituents is not only off-putting, it is simply a slap in the face to everyone who may respectfully disagree with him.

LARP seemed to be a real hot button for him. And I have some personal thoughts that I would like to share on the subject. Doesn’t it appear that the very same people who wanted to pass the massive marijuana Measure R in the November election, that lost so badly, are the same people who are involved with the leadership of LARP? Is that a coincidence or is there something more to it than that? Spending tens of thousands of dollars to build a compost pile next to the new and very nice dog park? Really? Is creating smelly eyesores in Susanville the true stated goal of this mayor and his two cronies Herrera and Stafford and their friends? Is the best way to spend federal dollars that we received for COVID recovery? How is a community garden or a compost pile even related to revitalization? What am I missing? Our community needs so much. Clean up the messes and not make more of them.

The well-meaning people who want drugs legalized, no bail, early prison release and lesser penalties for nearly all crimes are creating a huge problem with drug use, homelessness and lawlessness. They caused the problems. Then they are the same ones who force us to build homes for new prison releases, people with serious drug and mental problems in residential areas and near schools in our little rural community?

What ever happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? And where did it say our government should provide housing for anyone? Aren’t we just continuing to make the problems worse? How many more homeless will this invite to Susanville? Why are there no treatment programs for all these people with drug, alcohol and mental problems that they want to house? Who is making the money and at what cost to us?