Leaf collection begins Oct. 28, program in jeopardy

The annual leaf collection by the city of Susanville officially begins Monday, Oct. 28 through Friday Dec. 12, and the program may be extended if necessary.

However, the city warned the program is in jeopardy if citizens continue to drop off items other than leaves, such as trash and clothing.

The city established and continues to facilitate its annual program where a green waste dumpster, offered by C&S Waste Solutions, will be present at the intersection of Numa Road and Skyline Drive.

Residents can bring their bagged leaves to the green waste dumpster for free.

The California Correctional Center once again offered its assistance by accepting the green waste for composting from C&S Waste.

The bagged leaves are transported to CCC, where they are opened and spread out in agriculture fields by inmates.

However, the city notes bags containing items other than leaves create a security risk for CCC.

Yet at the city council’s Oct. 16 meeting, Susanville Public Works Director Dan Newton shared with the council and public the program’s continuance was in jeopardy due to items other than leaves being found amongst the leaves.

City staff load the leaves into the green waste dumpster with a front-end loader, allowing the C&S staff to transport the filled green waste to CCC.

Citizens who are handicapped and/or elderly, or who are unable to drop off the leaves at the designated location are encouraged to contact the city’s public works department for pick up of the bagged leaves.