Let’s honor our law enforcement, firefighters at Memorial Hall this Wednesday

At 7 p.m. tomorrow night, Wednesday, Nov. 13, our two local veterans groups — the Veterans of Foreign Wars, William Davidson Post No. 2381, and the American Legion, Thomas Tucker Post No. 204 — present the Peace Officers and Firefighters Annual Awards Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Hall. The veterans groups have honored these brave men and women in this way for many years.

When your house is on fire, when the wild land around you blazes, when a friend or a loved one or a neighbor suffers a medical emergency, when there is a burglary or a robbery or some other crime, or a car crash, or an accident of some kind, these first responders jump in their vehicles and race to our aid as quickly and as safely as they can with lights flashing, sirens wailing and horns blasting.

They are trained and practiced in handling the situation when most of us would be completely overwhelmed by circumstance and raw emotion and probably would not react in a professional and appropriate manner.

If you talk to a firefighter or a law enforcement officer about their job, you will find they are motivated to provide an important and vital public service to their community. Sometimes, they even give their lives trying to protect us. They know every time they put on that uniform and pin on that badge they put everything at risk for public’s safety. We all can say thank you to these folks and honor those selected as the best in our area by attending the awards ceremony. Wednesday night.

When you need help — really need help — these first responders will answer the call everytime.