Library seeks community input

On April 20, the Lassen Library District Board of Trustees passed Resolution 17-34 to seek additional revenue through an increase to the library parcel tax on the June 2018 ballot. The current tax rate is $28.00 per residential dwelling within Susanville city limits. The current tax for the library was established in 1994 and has never been increased. An increase in the tax will allow us to extend library hours to make it more accessible to working families, cover the cost of much needed capital improvements, recover lost purchasing power since 1994 for our current operating expenses and prepare for future costs such as required increases to the minimum wage. The library is an important and increasingly active community resource.

The library is currently working with Lassen Community College on an adult literacy program, is active in children and adult programming and has a teen area set aside for after school studies.

The library also offers free Wi-Fi, a computer center available to the public and provides a testing service for GED and professional certifications.

The residents of Susanville have a great history of supporting the arts through the symphony and the arts council as well as education. The library functions not only as a place for books, but provides another place for education and the arts as well as a community meeting center.

The board of trustees is seeking community input on this matter. A community input form for comments and suggestions and to indicate your willingness to help is available at the library and on the library’s website.