LMUD abandons Hayden Hill transmission line

The Lassen Municipal Utility District today notified Lassen County Administrative Officer Richard Egan the publicly owned utility district now plans to remove the Hayden Hill Line.

Here’s the text of LMUD General Manager Pat Holley’s letter.

Proposed Removal of Hayden Hill Power Line

This letter is to advise you that the Lassen Municipal Utility District intends to move forward with removal of the transmission line on the Hayden Hill Gold Mine site, mine ID #91-18-0012 (the “Hayden Hill Line”), on Oct. 3, 2022.The removal of this line was specifically called for in the Hayden Hill Mine Reclamation Plan, prepared inSeptember 1991 by Lassen Gold Mining, Inc., the original owner of the mine and the Hayden Hill Line. An alternative to removal (leaving line in place and transferring to Surprise Valley Electrification Corp.) has been evaluated byLMUD as allowed in the Reclamation Plan and determined not to be viable.

An Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report was prepared in 1991 for the Hayden Hill Mine project to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act. TheEIS/EIR analyzed and mitigated for all elements of themine project, including the Reclamation Plan; accordingly, LMUD has determined that no additional environmental review is required for line removal. This work is consistent with normal maintenance work and repairs that have been conducted in the past by LMUD and are required from time to time on the line. However, as a courtesy, we are providing notice to potentially interested agencies and stakeholders.