Margie’s hosts book signing for Times’ ad rep

It’s been a long journey for Laura Kay Tew — many know her as a Lassen County Times advertising consultant for the past 25 years — who will sign copies of two new books at Margie’s Book Nook from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 9.

Tew, also a motivational speaker who once made presentations for major corporations, will sign copies of the new books — “Peace Be With Us All” and “Healing the Grief Within.”

“Laura is her own best testament to the message she offers in this book,” said Lassen County Times Publisher Mike Taborski. “Those of us who know this author know that she is not just talking the talk but also truly walking the walk. After reading her book, I have a heightened respect and much better understanding of what drives Laura to be as successful and effective as she has been for herself personally and for our company.”

In her introduction to “Peace Be With Us All,” Tew writes that the book began to take shape in the fall of 2001 after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 when “the country was so focused on war and revenge that a message of caution and redirection toward peaceful actions would have been considered unpatriotic.”

The book began with a keynote speech Tew prepared, “Motivating America” which she calls a “divinely inspired message about responding to our national crisis by focusing on the goal of achieving world peace, instead of provoking war.”

Tew acknowledges her book is her “personal interpretation” of the work of Napoleon Hill, recognized as the Father of Motivation and his course, “Law of Success” as well as James Allen and the words of Jesus Christ.

“Nothing I am presenting in this book is a new idea,” Tew writes. “They are simply my interpretations of universal truths … I hope your time invested in reading “Peace Be With Us All” can offer you suggestions to inspire those around you … ”

In the book, Tew writes while we cannot change world events as they cascade around us, we can change our own thinking to effect our personal world because ideas are the beginning of making things manifest in the world.

“Everyone in life gets a certain kind of result,” Tew writes. “Some people consistently get great results while others constantly get poor results. So we ask ourselves, “What determines the results we get?” It’s the way we act … controlled by the predominant thoughts which we allow to occupy our minds.”

Tew suggests that each of us must take “personal responsibility to educate ourselves on the science of personal achievement. We must apply these principals to build closer love relationships within our families. To strengthen the bonds of brotherhood with our communities, and most importantly, to transform our personal and national sorrow into a soul consciousness based on love, tolerance and compassion, for without those qualities our efforts are futile.”

In her book, and as she has for decades with her colleagues in the Times office, Tew offers many suggestions on self-confidence and leadership practicing the Golden Rule, explores the seven basic fears and even offers a few original poems.

“Energy flows where the attention goes,” Tew writes. “If you only get one lesson out of this whole book, I hope it is this: The greatest thing you possess is the ability to direct your thought toward positive, proactive behavior … Just remember, only you can choose to open the door to create new opportunities for peace and prosperity for yourself, your family and your fellow mankind.”

2 thoughts on “Margie’s hosts book signing for Times’ ad rep

  • Laura Kay
    We have been friends since 7 th grade. Your positive affirmations to your religious mind are finally on paper. Your words are all so meaningful as we need to act on them. I am so proud of you Laura – I love you

  • Laura Tew… At the age of 6 she announced that she wanted to be an astronaut. A big goal considering that women were not accepted into the flight program. Constantly thinking, always learning. Setting goals and creating new ones. Often motivating others along the way. Laura has a keen ability to think beyond the status quo. With fresh ideas and a genuine love for people, especially those struggling with grief. Freely offering her insights with love and compassion. I have seen her heartfelt dedication to family, friends and work. I know her books will be helpful and inspirational for many people.
    I am So proud of you Laura!
    Wishing you much success with your books.

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