Bob Feller finishes second in the sports modified division race on Saturday, May 13. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Meet sports mod racer Bob Feller, results posted

David Wilson finishes another lap during the mini division’s main event on Saturday, May 13. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The May 13 Diamond Mountain Speedway car races drew in a large crowd of fans desperate for summer and eager for the roar of their favorite cars on the track.

One of the DMS sports modified racers, Bob Feller, is among those excited for racing season.

Feller said he’s always been into cars, but he was first interested in racing when he was introduced to Fred Kresge 30 years ago. After Feller met Kresge, a man he now races against, he was inspired to build his first racing car.

Feller said one of his most memorable achievements made throughout his time behind the wheel was racing against Mike Skinner who later continued his career to compete in NASCAR races.

In a majority of his 30 years of off-and-on racing, Feller could be seen behind the wheel stock cars. However, he will be trying his hand with the sports modified class for the 2017 season.

Regarding goals for this season, Feller is looking forward to the challenges and overall experiences tied to racing in a new car and in a new class. His main objective is to enjoy the ride.

Tom Davis, left, and Billy Gibson race neck-and-neck toward the checkered flag during the mini division race on Saturday, May 13. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The results of the May 13 races are as followed:


Modified division:

1. Chris Nieman, No. 3, 40 points; 2. Chase Nieman, No. 1, 39 points; 3. Matt Murphy, No. 6m, 38 points; 4. Nevin Kennemore, No. 23k, 37 points; 5. Bill Pearson, No. 7n, 36 points; 6. Larry McCracken, No. 6, 35 points; 7. Steve Bejeck, No. 20, 34 points; 8. Tyler Patsky, No. 9p, 33 points; 9. Mitch Murphy, No. 7m, 32 points.

10. Wade Kennemore, No. 24k, 31 points; 11. Galen Hainline, No. 11, 30 points.


Sports modified division:

1. Craig Nieman, No. 7n, 33 points; 2. Bob Feller, No. 2b, 32 points; 3. Jason Emmot, No. 9, 31 points.


Stock division, main event:

1. Joe Marlow, No. 0, 40 points; 2. Richard Longacre, No. 7, 39 points; 3. Steven Cain, No. 2, 38 points; 4. Larry Foster, No. 34, 37 points; 5. Mike Nichols, No. 55, 36 points; 6. Nathan Howard, No. 81, 35 points; 7. Ian Upton, No. 77, 34 points.


Mini division, main event:

1. Tom Davis, No. 75, 40 points; 2. Ryan Belli, No. 63, 39 points; 3. Colton Lawson, No. 32, 38 points; 4. Larry Whitebird, No. 97, 37 points; 5. Cody Kennemore, No. 50, 36 points; 6. Kate Robertson, No. 7, 35 points; 7. Tyler Cheek, No. 14, 34 points; 8. David Wilson, No. 18x, 33 points; 9. Bryan Gray, No. 73, 32 points.

10. Ray Talavera, No. 23r, 31 points; 11. Raymond Talavera, 69r, 30 points; 12. Billy Gibson, No. 121, 29 points; 13. Josh Gish, No. 9, 28 points; 14. Wyatt Spalding, No. 25, 27 points.