Megan Dahle votes no on state budget

According to a statement from District 1 Assemblymember Megan Dahle, “Yesterday I voted “no” on the California state budget. Here’s why.

Megan Dahle.

“The latest budget proposal for California is a deeply flawed document that reflects a profound misalignment of priorities at a time when our state faces significant challenges. Public safety should be our top priority‚ yet this budget proposes to drastically reduce our prison capacity‚ cutting thousands of beds and eliminating crucial training programs for correctional officers. It also seeks to slash funding for vital initiatives‚ such as drug addiction programs proven to reduce crime‚ and task forces combating car theft‚ internet crimes against children‚ and retail theft. These cuts‚ totaling $170 million on top of an already proposed 8 percent reduction‚ will severely undermine the safety and security of our communities. Moreover‚ critical wildfire and forestry management resources are severely underfunded‚ despite the urgent need to prioritize these areas following nearly a decade of devastating wildfires across California’s communities. Governor Newsom and legislative Democrats have their priorities completely backwards‚ sacrificing the safety of Californians for ill-conceived financial maneuvers.

“Equally troubling and misguided are the proposed cuts to education and transportation funding. California’s schools are already in crisis‚ with alarming rates of chronic absenteeism and low graduation rates. Instead of addressing these pressing issues‚ the budget cuts school funding by over $20 billion compared to previous years and diverts $250 million from a preschool program for children with disabilities to fund electric school buses and backfill other cuts. This is an unacceptable compromise that disregards the urgent needs of our students and their future.

“In transportation‚ the governor and legislative Democrats plan to raid $400 million from the highway fund for bike paths and crosswalks‚ despite our roads ranking 46th in the nation in quality. Even Governor Newsom’s Department of Finance warns that this will negatively impact critical maintenance needed on our deteriorating roads and highway infrastructure.

“These misallocated funds‚ along with cuts to job training and economic development programs‚ including a devastating 50 percent cut to the Women’s Business Center at JEDI right here in our 1st Assembly District‚ show a clear disregard for the pressing needs of our local communities and the people of California. The priorities of the governor and legislative Democrats are completely misplaced‚ and it is Californians who will bear the brunt of this misaligned state budget.”