Michael Flynn believes in Americans’ God-given common sense

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Thomas Flynn served as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and was President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser. These days he is a popular, outspoken speaker who travels the country attracting crowds of listeners wherever he goes.

As he put it in a recent Twitter post, “When the left and media attack you with all kinds of labels like ‘Christian Nationalist’ and they attack your belief in God, remind yourself of the power of faith. He never leaves us in our most difficult of times. Stand firm in your faith in God.”

In a recent interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on AMAC’s Better For America podcast, she pointed out that Flynn is a cofounder of the “ReAwaken America” tour. Flynn suggested that the tour has been attracting growing numbers of Americans who want to make America great again. For example, more than 5,000 residents of Nashville, Tennessee attended a gathering held in the city recently. His message in Nashville and in cities across the country is that the generation that seeks to upend the democracy given to us by our Founding Fathers must be confronted.

“We are a constitutional republic according to our Constitution,” he said. “And we have allowed our representative government, those who we have elected for decades, we’ve sort of become apathetic and lazy. What I mean is that we have to reengage in order for our country to continue on the way we want it to continue on.”

Flynn did not shy from discussing efforts to bring him down in 2017 when he was accused of making false statements to the FBI regarding alleged collaboration with Russia and making false statements under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

He said, “After three and a half decades of my life serving the country, five of those years in combat, direct combat overseas, most people don’t know I was appointed twice by President Obama to two very important positions, one of which was to head one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world and twice fully confirmed, 100 percent, by the United States Senate.”

It was a little more than a year after he retired from the military when he became the target of an investigation.

“They never found even an unpaid parking ticket. So, what did it feel like? It was really more a shame for our country because we are better than that. It was such a high-profile attack that it actually backfired on [my accusers] … One of the things about power hungry, greedy people is that arrogance is their downfall … I ended up coming out of it … But the dismissal by the Department of Justice of my case essentially says that a crime was committed against General Flynn … by our own people in our own Department of Justice, in the FBI. So that’s essentially the essence of the dismissal. But the executive branch, the Department of Justice, had already dismissed it. This is the time when you really have to understand who you are. My wife and I have been married for almost 42 years. [And] because of that relationship, because of our faith, because of the strength of my family, we joined together [and that] helped us carry the day.”

Flynn went on to warn that what he “has experienced is what America is experiencing right now. So, what path I’m on is not a path that I necessarily would have chosen, but it’s a path that I’m on. I now feel responsible. And maybe that goes back to my military upbringing. But I feel responsible to stay on this journey and to now continue to encourage people to say, look, there will be tough times in our lives, but we can overcome them. Because this is not a politics-as-normal situation for America. This is different.”

He concluded his remarks by describing himself “as the eternal optimist when it comes to the United States of America because of the people of this country. Part of our DNA is something that we all have and that’s called common sense. All of this complexity, [despite] all of this noise that we hear [that] attack our mental psyche every day, our emotional psyche every day, people in this country still have good God-given common sense … if you know something is not right, then it’s probably not right. That’s the beauty of the DNA of every American citizen. We have good common sense. And I want people to apply it. That along with the desire for freedom and the desire for faith is what’s going to carry the day. And that’s what’s going to win this war that we’re waging all around us.”